The Heritage Quartet of Lancaster, SC
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January News

Hello THQ Fans,
  Happy New Year!!! It's 2017. For those of us that are a little older, have you noticed how time just flies by. It's almost like 25 years ago I was 30 years old. LOL! Well, you know what I mean. Time is slipping away. The Bible tells us llife is like a vapor and then its over. Then eternity starts. The question is, where will you spend your eternity?  It is our desire that in you haven' already settled where you're going to spend eternity that 2017 will be the year you get thing settled. We are not promised tomorrow. Today is the day of Salvation. SO as you ponder all the thing yo plan to do in 2017. Please put making sure you are saved on the top of the list. Till next time. KJ
  Our new project "We Want America Back" should be out just any day now and we pray that God will minister to you through these songs that we sing. There will be a special "Invitation" song on this project. We have never done anything like this on a project before but it just seemed right for the time in which we live today. We hope and pray that God will use it in a special and powerful way that only He will get the glory for it. Come on out and worship with us should we be in your area!!!!

  We are booking fast for 2017 so give us a call to secure your date for this year. God is an Awesome God!

  For some good ole Southern Gospel Music to get you through the day, please check out Crosspoint Radio at Good local Southern Gospel Music featuring groups like King's Cause, Good News Trio, The Pine Ridge Boys and everybody's favorite, The Heritage Quartet on the web 24/7/365. That's Crosspoint Radio at . Check it out.
  Ok folks, some of you already know about the THQ Bible Trivia Quiz we are doing on the THQ Facebook Page. Remember you have to "Play To Win". So go on our page, read the question, follow the instruction and send your answer in. We are giving away some good stuff this month.

  Thank you friends for all of your support and please come out and see us when you can. We always look forward to seeing and talking with all at the concert in your area!

 God Bless You All!

The Heritage Quartet
Tommy, Mike, Kenn, Randy, Rusty & Butch